Newsmaker of the Week // Billy Pauch Jr.

It isn’t easy to win a race of any kind and when stakes are for upwards of in $16,000 in prize money, the competition is ruthless.
Mix in the presence of one of the sport’s the winningest drivers of all time camped out on the leader’s rear bunper, and the drama escalates.
Then, to ramp up pressure even further, have the big winner challenger be the father of the leader.
That’s what the stakes and obstacles were Saturday night at New Egypt Speedway for Billy Pauch, the younger, who is not a junior per se.
Father and son went at it with ferocity usually associated with long time, bitter rivals.
The drama ended when Billy Pauch beat Billy Pauch, son ahead of father.
The high speed familial rivalry was of unusual intensity – intense enough to for Billy Pauch the younger to become Area Auto Racing News’ Newsmaker Of The Week For Tuesday, September 23, 2014