Newsmaker of the Week // Stewart Friesen

The racing world is running out of superlatives for Stewart Friesen’s on-track exploits.

For the third time in his still emerging driving career, ‘Stewy’ drove to win the Super DIRT Week Syracuse Modified 200 Sunday.

It’s how he did it that made news. On a notoriously difficult track to pass on, Friesen charted a course on the outside lane for the last twenty five laps and whistled by everyone in front of him.

This was no fuel economy drive nor a win decided to someone else’s blown tire.

This was a winning drive by an amazing wheelman in at a heightened level of ability.

Friesen has been doing this kind of thing all year. Sunday afternoon, he won it his way and ascended to Dirt Modified racing’s loftiest stage.

Take a bow, Newsmaker Friesen. You’ve earned it!