Ryan Smith
(Photo Credit: WRTSpeedwerx - Brian Rhoad)

Newsmaker of the Week // Ryan Smith

Unbelievable. An astounding upset. A defining moment in a budding career.

These are just some of the superlatives laid at the feet of Ryan Smith after his win Saturday night at Port Royal Speedway against the best in the business, the fabled World Of Outlaws.

This is the kind of race that tens of thousands will attest to having seen whether there were there or not.

There was nothing circumstantial about this one either. Smith had the better car and was the better driver this night. This is the kind of win that can galvanize a team for years. It’s the kind of win that can lead to all kinds of offers.

At the center of it all is the unassuming Smith who, by this one race, crossed the threshold from ‘underdog’ to ‘contender’.

That’s Newsmaking.