(Photo Credit: Mark Brown)

Newsmaker of the Week // Howard Commander

 So much of the news concerning speedways this season  has been disconcerting.

 Some tracks have closed abruptly.  Others have been offered up at sheriff’s sale. Still others are coming off seasons that had reduced schedules.  ‘Special shows only’ is a commonly forecast future business model.

 That’s why when someone steps up to the starting line and buys a track, it’s big news.  It bucks the trend.

 Last week, Howard Commander did just that when the Lebanon Valley Speedway owner purchased Albany-Saratoga Speedway after leasing it previously.

 This is big news on the business side of racing, an expression of optimism in future of the sport.

 It’s the kind of news that’s most welcome as the off-season begins.

 And it designates Howard Commander as this week’s Area Auto Racing News Newsmaker Of The Year.