(Photo Credit: Lew Brubaker)

Newsmaker of the Week // Greg Hodnett

What does it take to make news on the World Of Outlaws circuit?

Beat Donny Schatz, that’s what.

And that’s what PA Posse favorite Greg Hodnett did, at Lincoln Speedway last Wednesday, making the hugely partisan Keystone awash in excitement.

But Hodnett wasn’t done. At Williams Grove two days later, Hodnett raced Schatz on even terms for the entire race, settling for a far from disappointing second place finish.

Then, at Weedsport Speedway on Sunday, Hodnett set fast time and finished fourth against the best Sprint Car drivers in the world.

‘Posse’ drivers have upset the Outlaws before. But seldom has one driver gone on such a streak.

Greg Hodnett made news, first by beating Donny Schatz, they by running even terms with all of the WoO drivers in all three races.

That’s the stuff Newsmakers are made of!