Newsmaker of the Week // Stewart Friesen

It’s hard enough to win an Open Competition Dirt Modified race when a team is totally prepared. It’s well nigh impossible when a team is ready to run at one track and winds up, by happenstance, at another.
That’s what Stewart Friesen was facing Saturday when, after assessing the forecasts, he prepared to run at Selinsgrove (PA) Speedway’s Race Of Champions opener. Problem was that while the race didn’t rain out, it was canceled, owing to a short field.
Friesen could have gone home. Instead, he headed for New Egypt (NJ) Speedway with the wrong car – a big block with a conventional body.
He got there late, ran his heat race without the permissible sail panels, got into the show Then Friesen went to work. He drew the pole, battled back determined rivals and won the race, his first of the year.
Friesen has won close to 250 races in his career. But it is likely that none was more improbable than this one. He was on the road for seven hours, but returned home with five thousand dollars.
It’s an improbable tale, attention-grabbing stuff. And it makes Stewart Friesen Area Auto Racing News’ Newsmaker Of The Week of Tuesday, March 22, 2016.