Newsmaker of the Week // Volusia Speedway Park

Though three people did get hurt, one seriously on Sunday night at Volusia Speedway Park’s third and final World of Outlaws Sprint race, it could have been far worse. Five nights earlier, Joey Saldana took an even more frightening plunge over the fence, narrowly missing a crowded pit side grandstand. That no one was hurt in that affair is incredible.

Make no mistake about it. The Sunday injury-yielding crash was big news all over Central Florida in a matter of minutes. But what did not and will not receive nearly the attention is Volusia Speedway Park’s up front, transparent response to the accident, and its action in the aftermath of the crash.

In this Volusia Speedway Park’s owners, World Racing Group, made news a second time, as a responsible entity that addresses situations, rather than stonewalling them. And in today’s world, that, far more than a terrible accident, is Newsmaking.