Newsmaker of the Week // Brett Hearn

Brett Hearn’s long anticipated 900th career feature win came Friday at Albany-Saratoga Speedway. It is a milestone of historic proportions, as the greatest number of fully documented victories in a driving career.

Hearn has been winning races since 1976, almost always scoring double digit checkered flags each year.

He has thrived at the tracks he runs at regularly, he has excelled at tracks he seldom sees.

And all the while. Hearn, for the vast majority of his career, has run his own show.

He has managed to win an amazing number of track championships and, bannered by six Syracuse Super DIRT Week wins, has won most every extra distance race numerous times.

Then, to ice the cake, the next night, he got started on the next 100 wins by winning at Lebanon Valley Speedway.

The wins put into focus the unrivaled nature of 43 years of hard work.

Newsmaker Of The Week – and for many weeks to come – Brett Hearn!