Newsmaker of the Week // Greg Hodnett

On Thursday night, September 20, the racing world was brought to its knees when Sprint Car driver Greg Hodnett was killed in a crash at BAPS Motor Speedway.

Greg Hodnett thrilled tens of thousands of fans, elevated the games of hundreds of fellow racers, respected the owners and mechanics of the teams he raced for, and personified that great intangible quality, class. Greg was a go-to guy. Drivers sought his advice. Writers sought his comment. Fans liked him because, win or lose. Greg Hodnett was the always the same guy.

Then, in an instant, he was gone.

News is made by people who are the focal point of events. Many times in the life of Greg Hodnett, the news he made was triumphant. Now, in unfathomable tragedy, Greg Hodnett is a Newsmaker.

May he long be remembered for the wonderful man that he was, and may he rest in peace.