Pete MacDonald Photo

Newsmaker of the Week // Mike Mahaney

At the final race of the Short Track Super Series South Region and the Georgetown Speedway seasons this past Saturday, Modified driver Mike Mahaney was at the threshold of winning the first Series championship of his career. While his future brother-in-law Billy Pauch, Jr. blitzed the field to win the STSS race, Mahaney struggled with a car that simply lacked speed.

Yet he persevered, eking out enough positions and points to claim the STSS South crown. Mahaney has come into his own in 2021, racing more often than just about anyone, getting top finishes, winning a couple of major events. But it was last Saturday’s 12th place feature result that became his most significant race of the season.

It was a case of persevering through a struggle that yielded success, qualities embodied in a Newsmaker!