Christopher Hockley Photo

Newsmaker of the Week // Brent Marks

In week one of PA Speedweek, Anthony Macri was the man to beat. His closest rival was Brent Marks.

This past week, it was Marks’ turn to turn up the heat and he did just that, outrunning Macri in a pair of stunning race wins, at Hagerstown and at Williams Grove. These were spectacular drives, equal part bravery and finesse and not just on Marks’ part. Macri was just as brave, just as smart.

Wet weather notwithstanding, the 2023 PA Speedweek will be remembered by the exploits of M&M - Macri the first week, Marks this past week. Together, they have made this a PA Speedweek to remember with first Macri, and now Marks this week stealing the headlines as Newsmakers!