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Newsmaker of the Week // Orange County Fair Speedway

Up until a week ago, the immediate future of Orange County Fair Speedway was in grave doubt. Its racing heritage dating back to 1919 might well have been over. Yes, there were vague thoughts about running the Eastern States Weekend again this October, but the words spoken were vague and laden with contingencies.

Then last week, a ray of hope shown through when Brett Hearn and Doug Dulgarian, OCFS loyalists to a fault, announced the formation of a three race ‘Big Series’. The races were planned for June, July and August, on Sunday afternoons. While details are still emerging, the dates are firm and a future is far more certain than for OCFS than it had been just a few days earlier.

Race tracks are closing right and left. Thanks to the initiative of Brett Hearn and Doug Dulgarian, Orange County Fair Speedway will not be among them.
That’s good Newsmaking!