Dbd killer dating sim

DBD Killer Dating Sim is a new game that combines the excitement of a horror game with the fun of dating sims. Players take on the role of a killer in a haunted amusement park, as they seek to find their perfect match. The goal of the game is to find out who you are compatible with, and to eliminate those who are not.

The game starts off with the player being given a set of different characters to choose from. Depending on who you choose, the game's difficulty level will increase. The player needs to explore the park, discovering clues and interacting with characters to get closer to their intended date. However, players must also watch out for the killer lurking around them, as they will be eliminated if they get too close.

Players can customize their killer with a variety of weapons and costumes. Weapons range from knives and axes to crossbows and chainsaws. There are also many costumes that can be used to change the killer's appearance, making them look more sinister.

Players must also be careful when it comes to their choice of dates. While some may seem like a good match, they might actually be bad news and should be avoided at all costs. If a date should turn out to be a serial killer, players must quickly dispose of them before they can cause any harm.

DBD Killer Dating Sim is an exciting and unique game that combines horror and dating sims. It's definitely worth a try for anyone looking for a fun and thrilling gaming experience.