Trapped in a dating sim novel

Fiona was an average high school student. She was average at academics, average at sports, and had an average number of friends. But what she was not average at was playing video games. She had an impressive collection of the latest and greatest games, and she was particularly fond of dating sims.

One day, while playing her favorite one, she realized something peculiar. She could feel the game responding to her decisions. Instead of just having one pre-determined ending, Fiona felt as if she was really changing the outcome of the story. She was determined to reach a "real" ending instead of looping back to the same outcome.

But the more she played, the more the game seemed to change. It began adding characters that weren't there before, and her choices felt like they were creating even more results than before. Eventually, Fiona felt as if she were trapped in a strange virtual world, completely controlled by the game.

It was then that she realized she had been transported into a dating sim novel. A novel that seemed to be stuck on repeat unless she could find a way out. She tried everything to escape, but it felt like a never-ending loop. Every time she thought she had made progress, she would find herself back at square one.

Fiona was beginning to feel more and more desperate. Would she ever be able to make it out of this dating sim novel? Or would she be trapped in this virtual world forever?