Newsmaker of the Week: Danny Johnson & Kevin Hartnett

Two Dirt Modified drivers roared off the final turn at Penn Can Speedway on Tuesday, June 10 and headed into a rendezvous with destiny.
At stake was victory in ‘The Clash At The Can’
Mega winner Danny Johnson was on the inside of the track and Kevin Hartnett a multi-time Penn Can track champion, was on the outside.
As they sped toward an imaginary finish line, the pair drew closer and closer together, side by side.
The final outcome was the most rare outcome auto racing, a dead heat, a tie, so ruled because four Race Of Champions Touring Series official observers couldn’t agree on who had won. No one could.
It was a truly unusual event, a newsmaker. The principals – drivers Danny Johnson and Kevin Hartnett, Penn Can Speedway and the Race of Champions officials all played their parts in making ‘The Clash At The Can’ this week’s Newsmaker Of The Week