Scott Dellinger, Gene Knaub, and Kevin Sigler Win Williams Grove Speedway Saturday Races

Mechanicsburg, PA July 6

Add extra laps and purse money to a Blazer’s Body Shop Super Sportsman feature and watch Scott Dellinger. Dellinger is the king of the championship races. Saturday night the Lewisberry driver tallied another added-purse victory to his resume by winning the Williams Grove Speedway Firecracker 30.

Rookie driver Tony Jackson led the opening lap with Davey Walsh, Rick Barr, and Jay Fannasy in pursuit. Scott Dellinger, the seventh-place starter, was in fifth. Following a lap six restart, Dellinger used the outside line to take possession of third.

Scott Geesey, a heat race flip victim, passed Dellinger for third. In the ninth lap, Geesey’s car suffered front suspension failure, hurtling his car into the turn three outside fencing. His No. 33 flipped bringing the race to a halt. The track emergency crew transported a very sore Geesey to the hospital.

Tony Jackson continued setting the pace with Davey Walsh, Scott Dellinger, and Rick Barr battling for second. Dellinger gained the position following a lap 12 restart.

A lap 15 restart ended Tony Jackson’s reign on the event. Scott Dellinger had a strong restart, taking over the lead in turn three. Frankie Herr, the 2013 point champion, captured second position during the 18th circuit.

Dellinger led the way followed by Herr, Chad Trout, and Russ Mitten. Three laps from the finish Cody Fairchok, while travelling on the front stretch, lost a left rear tire, sending his No. 83 into a flip. A disgusted Fairchok walked away from the wreck.

Scott Dellinger led the remaining three laps to score his first victory of the season by six lengths over Frankie Herr. Chad Trout was third, with Russ Mitten advancing from 16th to finish in fourth. Mike Enders, the point leader, was fifth. Williams Grove Speedway’s track technical crew did an inspection of Dellinger’s engine and the car passed the review.

Enders, Jay Fannasy, and Trout won the qualifying races for the 28 entries. Russ Mitten received the Sprint Aces Hard Charger award.

Tyler Horst was the immediate leader in the 20 lap Credit Connection Auto Sales 358 Late Model feature. Charlie Schaffer, Sam Rial, and JR Rodriquez trailed the leader.

Gene Knaub, the Friday night Williams Grove Speedway 358 Late Model feature winner, started the race in 10th position. Knaub, from Dover, was fifth with three laps complete.

Horst and Schaffer had a close duel for the lead with Knaub advancing to third. Knaub, at the midway point of the event, caught the duo of Horst and Schaffer.

Gene Knaub and Charlie Schaffer exchanged second place several times before Knaub gained full possession. Tyler Horst relinquished the lead to Knaub in the 13th circuit.

Gene Knaub gained a large lead, leaving Horst and Schaffer to fight for second. Knaub won the 101st feature of his career by a straightaway over Charlie Schaffer, Tyler Horst, Wes Alleman, and Sam Gallagher.

Heat wins for the 25 entries went to Les Hare, Gallagher, and Dan Zechman. Sam Gallagher received the Artwerks Hard Charger award.

Dustin Hollinger started second in the 15 lap Aquafun Pools Street Stock main. Hollinger was leading by the end of the opening lap. Kevin Sigler made the charge of the night, advancing from his mid-field starting position to second in three laps.

Hollinger and Sigler were contesting the lead, behind them Chris Heller, Doug Hoffman, Craig Morgan, and Mike Buckley were fighting for third. Hollinger, beleaguered with mechanical issues this year, dropped off the pace during the seventh lap.

Kevin Sigler, from York, was the new leader. Craig Morgan, winner the week prior, advanced to second in the 11th circuit. Sigler, with two laps remaining, drifted wide allowing Morgan to pull even. Sigler held a slight lead when the caution came out on the final lap.

The race came down to a one-lap dash to the finish. Kevin Sigler held the lead entering turn three with Craig Morgan on the bottom. Sigler and Morgan were even exiting the final turn. Kevin Sigler crossed the finish line a car length ahead of Craig Morgan. Jeff Haag, Chris Heller, and Doug Hoffman completed the top five.

Hoffman and Steve Hastings won the preliminary races for the 20-car field. The Artwerks Hard Charger award went to Randy Zechman.

Williams Grove Speedway was without electricity from 7 AM to 1 PM, disabling the water pump. Due to a lack of water for track maintenance, the races began an hour late.

Next week the Williams Grove Speedway Saturday Night Series returns featuring the Blazer’s Body Shop Super Sportsman, Credit Connection Auto Sales 358 Late Models, and Aquafun Pools Street stocks. Practice begins at 6 PM and racing commences at 6:30 PM. Adult admission is five dollars with children 12 and under free.

Super Sportsman results:

1. Scott Dellinger, 2. Frankie Herr, 3. Chad Trout, 4. Russ Mitten, 5. Mike Enders, 6. Tony Jackson, 7. Rick Barr, 8. Jay Fannasy, 9. Doug Dodson, 10. Dave Berkheimer, 11. Steve Wilbur, 12. Tom Wyckoff, 13. Rich Eichelberger, 14. Eric Walker, 15. Devon Beidel, 16. Chad Smith, 17. Cody Fairchok, 18. Steve Fannasy, 19. Davey Walsh, 20. Scott Geesey, 21. Bobby Hockenberry, 22. Kenny Edkins, 23. Duaine Smith, 24. Chad Criswell. DNQ: Lanny Hake, Scott Smith, Gregg Foster, Chris Meleason

358 late Model results:

1. Gene Knaub, 2. Charlie Schaffer, 3. Tyler Horst, 4. Wes Alleman, 5. Sam Gallagher, 6. Dan Zechman, 7. Alan Sagi, 8. Jake Jones, 9. Sam Rial, 10. Randy Christine, 11. Bobby Beard, 12. Roy Miller, 13. Brad Shank, 14. Cam Zeigler, 15. Travis Mease, 16. Pat Beard, 17. Cole Amsden, 18. Pat Beard, 19. Devin Frey, 20. Al Cheney, 21. JR Rodriquez, 22. Shaun Jones, 23. Les Hare, 24. Randy Croop DNS: Zach Kauffman

Street Stock results:

1. Kevin Sigler, 2. Craig Morgan, 3. Jeff Haag, 4. Chris Heller, 5. Doug Hoffman, 6. Eric Tripp, 7. Randy Zechman, 8. Walt Lemmon, 9. Steve Hastings, 10. Dave Shatto, 11. Mike Nickel, 12. Mike Buckley, 13. Tim Drawbaugh, 14. Dustin Hollinger, 15. Charlie Pensinger, 16. Josh Bloom, 17. Greg Diehl, 18. Todd Bowersox, 19. Nick Bloom, 20. Lori Croop