(Photo Credit: Steve Kennedy Photo)

Newsmaker of the Week // Eric Mauriello

With a high powered field of field of Series and track champions invading Wall Stadium for its annual Turkey Derby last weekend, all eyes were focused on the Tour Type Modified 150-lap main event.

 One by one. challengers for the checkered flag came and went, stymied by wrecks, mechanical problems or badly planned race strategy.

 Second year Modified driver Eric Mauriello avoided all of the potential pitfalls, benefitted from some well thought out tire strategy, and got stronger as the race progressed as others got weaker.

 In the end, Mauriello, a young driver with a limitless future, beat tested tough veterans and won.

 The Turkey Derby Tour Mod 150 winner is almost inevitably this week’s Newsmaker – there’s simply little else going on.

 But inevitability aside, Eric Mauriello won this one in style with a drive that would have made news in any week – not just this one.