(Photo Credit: Joe Kaminski) Penn Can promotors Reed Miller (left), Al Wilcox (right).

Newsmaker of the Week // Dan Harpell

Dan Harpell has been involved in short track auto racing for all of his adult life.  He worked for the DIRT organization in its formative years, has had a hand in the administration of Five Mile Point (NY)  Speedway for decades and most recently took over and rechristened Yates County (NY) Speedway.

 He knows behind-the-scenes racing operations, is acknowledged as a track preparation expert who is sought after by others, and does it all on an even keel.

 Back at Yates County once again in 2015, Harpell has added another racing project to his plate: he is the new promoter of long lived Penn Can (PA) Speedway.

 The most newsworthy aspect of Dan’s new venture is that it demonstrates faith in the sport by an experienced racing man.

That’s big news, and worth savoring.