(Photo Credit: Kirk Rissmiller) // Winner Andy Jankowiak with Lenny Sammons

Newsmaker of the Week // Andy Jankowiak

Andy Jankowiak fought the ‘Battle Of Trenton’ in the mid-December Indoor TQ Midget main event and did so with a perfectly driven race.
This was a textbook job. Sure Jankowiak went into this battle with an advantage by starting on the pole position.
But he had to survive eighteen double file restarts, lapped traffic and some of the hardest chargers in the sport, using his back bumper as a battering ram, trying to rattle him.
Jankowiak instead hardened his resolve with each sucessive green flag race restart and drove into the winners circle.
“The biggest win of my career,” was Jankowiak’s summary of his night behind the wheel.
It the most newsworthy race win in the region over the Holidays.