(Left: Earl Baltes; Right: Andy Fusco)

Newsmaker of the Week // Earl Baltes & Andy Fusco

The racing community was dealt a double dose of sorrow this past week with the sudden deaths of two of its most prominant people.
Andrew Fusco, noted New York State attorney, lifelong race fan, the legal council behind the formulation of the DIRT orgnization, died suddenly. He was 62.
Three days later, Earl Baltes, builder, owner and promoter of Eldora Speedway passed away at the age of 94.
The main difference between the two men? Andy was still actively engaged in his profession and avocation, Earl had retired from his life’s work.
Their similarity, quite simply, is that both men brought integrity to their fields of endeavor and for that they will be remembered fondly.
For one last time, in death, Andy Fusco and Earl Baltes have made news.