This Week In AARN // June 16th , 2015

CHARGING TOWARD A BIG WIN (top, Photo by Dave Pratt) is Danny Creeden (No. 16x), who earned over $10,000 at New Jersey’s New Egypt Speedway! He makes what turned out to be the winning pass on Anthony Perrego in the third annual “Dirty Jersey” race that was under the banner of Brett Deyo’s Short Track Super Series; Matt Hirschman (above left, Photo by Michael Jaworecki) enjoys victory lane after his thrilling win in the Tri-Track Open Modified Series feature on Saturday at N.H.’s Monadnock Speedway. Qualifying through the consolation, Hirschman was running third in the main with three laps to go. He then took command when Woody Pitkat and Chris Pasteryak tangled while racing for the lead; Pitkat (No. 50, above Photo by Dick Ayers/Ayers Racing Images) was also in this tangle at Ct.’s Stafford Motor Speedway on Friday while dueling Ryan Preece (No. 6) late in the SK Modified feature.


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