Brian Bouder Photo

Todd Fisher’s Quiet Exit From Susquehanna

Saturday’s sixth annual Final Showdown at Susquehanna Speedway Park was the swan song for Todd and Rhonda Fisher as track operators. After purchasing the speedway in Newberrytown, Pa., 12 years ago, they recently sold the facility to Scott Gobrecht.

On Saturday, Todd stayed out of the limelight, calling the shots from the officials tower on top of the grandstands. He ran the show as a combined partnership effort with Gobrecht, helping him learn the process for next season.

Fisher refused interviews after the sale and on Saturday. He wishes instead, to walk away quietly. He showed no emotion after the event was completed. He stayed up in the tower long after the races were completed, sharing some moments in conversation with a few veteran employees.

He’s happy to see the facility in Gobrecht’s hands, a long-time friend whom he said has had an interest to own a track for five seasons. Fisher isn’t planning on a quick return to the sport, but I’m sure he’ll resurface at some point. He’s been involved in racing his entire life, first working with a Sprint Car team, then the Legend Car series, track promotion and then Susquehanna.

The Fishers want to take a year off and do some traveling overseas and within the country with a new motor home. They’ll now have more time to see their daughter, in college down south, and their son play hockey.

Gobrecht and his new assistant, Kolten Gouse, have big plans for Susquehanna. After Saturday’s show, they had plans the next day to begin tearing down and rebuilding the facility. New grandstands that had already been delivered will be erected and work will continue as long as winter permits. The addition of new clay and lights will go a long way to bringing a new atmosphere to SSP as will a new coat of fresh paint.