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World Of Outlaw Sprint Car Rule Changes Eye Improved Racing, Safety

Rule changes announced to World of Outlaws (WoO) Sprint Car competitors for 2016 and 2017 have been released in the view of improved racing and safety. Rules of the nation’s premier circuit are often considered the standard for 410 Sprint Car racing in other series and in weekly racing as well.

A recently released rules bulletin amends WoO mandated Hoosier tire, wheel cover, top wing, shock, motor and chassis rules previously in place.

The tire rule, used across the country in 410 Sprint Car racing, has been changed to eliminate the H-R 15 right rear that was allowed as an option in 2015. This tire of different construction and compound, was used only sparingly this past season.

“The HR15 proved too soft at most places, which wasn’t what all the WoO and weekly tracks really wanted to see as wear was too high and the window of use was small,”  said “Hoosier Bob” Wirts, General Manager of Hoosier Mid-Atlantic.

Racers, however, will be given a new option. It will be announced that a soon to be designated wider 18” Hoosier right rear can be added to the approved tire list.

“This is still in the discussion stages from my understanding,” said Wirt. “The details of who, what and when is to be determined. I anticipate more information this week or by PRI so we can all prepare for 2016.”

Wirt said Pa. 410 tracks that he services will follow suit on whatever the World of Outlaws decide upon as a tire rule.

While the 25 square foot top wing must remain flat, a maximum 2” removable wicker bill may now be mounted on the rear edge of the center foil. A 1” had previously been the standard.

It’s believed that the rule change to a wider tire and bigger wicker bill is being mandated to improve racing. It’s hoped that a driver might have a greater chance to run the slick center of a clay speedway rather than be limited at times to only the bottom groove or the outside cushion in the turns.

Looking at safety, the WoO series will no longer allow slip tubing construction of the rear end safety “Butt Bar.” The series is also considering, for 2016, not allowing slip tubing in the roll cage area, including safety bars.

Slip tubing is when a tube has another tube inserted inside of it to allow the frame to flex, or move in and out of it, rather than be one rigid piece.

In 2016, the WoO series will permit only front axles made of magnetic steel with the minimum front axle size of 2-3/8 diameter x .095 inch material thickness. A 2” x .156 and a 2-1/4 x .120 had been previously allowed.

Starting with the first 2016 event, only steel wheel cover fasteners will be allowed. Several manufacturers who have used aluminum dzus buttons in the past will need to switch over to steel as will the racers who currently have their product.

It will be recommended this year, and be mandated in 2017, that wheel covers have a minimum of five mounting points instead of the traditional three.

Sanders Engineering already has a 5-button cover and Vahlco has made the change with a new all billet 100% CNC machined beadlock system which will be on display at the PRI show in Indianapolis, Ind., in two weeks.

According to Matt Budd of Vahlco, it was an easy change for them and since they both CNC their rings versus stamp them out.

“Since we were making the change, we also decided to be proactive and make all 15” beadlocks come standard with a 5-tab beadlock ring and 5-button cover,” said Vahlco’s designer Taylor Weld. “This will be for all 15” diameter wheel product (Sprint, Modified, Late Model) with the assumption that these other racing segments may follow the lead of WoO Sprints with the 5-button mandate.

Vahlco has also addressed a state of New Jersey wheel cover rule that has been in place for many years.

“We have a new bolt-on “Jersey style” cover design that is far superior to any cover currently available,” Taylor Weld told AARN. “We will have this and all the new products on display at the PRI show in a couple weeks. We are always trying to improve the performance and safety of Vahlco products.”

Vahlco will also have their new products at their display at the PPB Motorsports 2016 show, January 22-24 at the Greater Philadelphia Expo Center in Oaks, Pa.

On the performance side, engines with the magneto and/or distributor in a forward mounted and/or front mounted position will be allowed. Said front mounting systems must be approved by the WoO before being placed into competition. The only current approved systems are: Moroso: part number 60205 and 60206.

The WoO series has approved the Penske PS-7700T shock that has a thru-rod construction. Any new other style shock or any shock not in use with the WoO Sprint Series previously must be approved prior to being placed into competition. Performance, safety and cost, along with other variables, will factor into the approval process. WoO recommends that the approval process be completed prior to product production.