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Newsmaker of the Week // Billy Decker

Billy Decker may have won bigger races during his career than the Highbanks Holdup Super DIRTcar Series 100 last Saturday night at Fulton (NY) Speedway.

But few were as satisfying. Decker played a waiting game after establishing his preferred line on the bottom of the track. Then, one by one. the leaders came back to him. It took him 90 laps to get the lead, and five more to drive away from the field. The final five laps were the nail biters but the experience of a crafty veteran carried the day.

Always the professional. Decker barely mentioned that this was his first win in a SDS race since he and John Wight parted ways after over a decade.

It was a win that moistened the eyes of Decker’s new car owner Mike Payne and brought a broad smile to Decker’s face. A stylishly driven triumph for a new combination that portends more to come. And that’s the most newsmaking element of the Decker-Payne Fulton score.