Newsmaker of the Week // May 24, 2016

There was $15,000 to win on the line at Monadnock Speedway in Winchester, New Hampshire with the newly organized Modified Touring Series founder Gary Knight calling the shots.

The wrinkle in the race was that new tire use was unlimited. That meant that a winning strategy had to be developed on the fly and with high stakes.

Ryan Preece came to the track with a very good car. And, as it happened, he developed a strong, if daring plan: Preece elected to pit twice for tires and both times, he was in the lead when he came off the track.

That’s bold, and it happened, brilliant. Preece won the race and proved to be as good a tactician as he is a driver.

The race iself was newsworthy enough. But it was Preece’s style that made the most news on this night.