Newsmaker of the Week // Billy Pauch, Jr

Billy Pauch. Jr. never expected to fully emerge from his father’s shadow. But that’s not to say that ‘The Kid’s Kid’ is any less passionate about his racing.

He long go shrugged off the inevitable comparisons with his famous father and cut his own niche in the sport. Pauch, Jr. as become a good, solid wheelman in his own right.

At New Egypt Speedway’s Short Track Super Series Dirty Jersey 40 last week, Pauch scored the biggest win of his career, winning $10,000 for the victory, driving a car with a broken shock tower most of the way.

In his tire tracks at the finish was none other than his father.

‘Little Billy’ proved on this night that he is not just a good driver, he’s a good high stakes driver.

His drive to Dirty Jersey success is a Newsmaking kind of event.