Newsmaker of the Week // Danny Dietrich

Among any group of athletes are the clutch performers, those who rise to the occasion when the stakes are the highest and the odds the longest.

The Annual Pennsylvania Speedweek showcased dozens of good, competent drivers, winners all, each capable of taking down the most coveted race wins and the prestigious Speedweek championship.

Danny Dietrich was the the Clutch Performer of PA Speedweek. He won the biggest race of them all, the $10,000-to-win Mitch Smith Memorial at Williams Grove.

Then, on the final night, at Selinsgrove Speedway, Dietrich went into the race with a points deficit.

By night’s end, Dietrich had won the feature and in the process, the PA Speedweek title.

Others did well in this high energy Series. But Danny Dietrich prevailed when it counted the most.
And that’s the attribute of a Newsmaker!!