Supermod King Otto Sitterly To Tackle Super DIRT Week With New Troyer

Seven time Oswego Supermodified champion Otto Sitterly will be behind the wheel of a Jason Simmons owned big block dirt modified, to take a run at Super Dirt Week at Oswego Speedway in 2016.

“There is no question that Otto knows how to drive Oswego Speedway”, said Simmons. While it’s been awhile since Otto drove a racecar on a dirt track, he did originally start his career as a dirt racer, running closer to his home.

For this effort, a brand new 2016 Troyer TD1 Chassis was purchased awhile back, which will be outfitted with a brand new Morrison engine. “Everything will be brand new on the car”, said Simmons.

“It should be fun,”, exclaimed Sitterly. While he doesn’t have a ton of experience on dirt, some people are naturals.

“I ran a couple years at Fonda in the 90s, and early 2000s I raced one time for Jeff Jones at Fonda, when his daughter was born. The last time on dirt was at Rolling Wheels in a Sprint car in 2006 for John Howland.

Sitterly could not remember where he finished in Howland’s Sprint car. “I know it was during DIRT week. I qualified up front and ran well. I always wanted to get back in one, but time is tough.”

Sitterly’s Supermodified car owner John Nicotra will also be involved in getting the car to the track, bringing some resources in support of his friend and driver.

“Shannon Pitcher will be getting the operation together, and overseeing the deal”, said Simmons. Pitcher has years of experience in the sportsman division as a top shelf crew chief for cars driven by his brother, Jeremy Pitcher.

Sitterly has already ordered a new custom built Butler seat for the car, which will arrive in the coming weeks. The driver will be headed to Simmons’ Team Tapout shop during the week to look over the equipment. The plan is to run a race with the car somewhere in the next few weeks, as a shakedown for Super Dirt Week. Date and location are to be determined.

The new Troyer is one of four cars that will be fielded by Team Tapout for of Super Dirt Week at Oswego. In addition to the big block, the team will also field three sportsman, for drivers Jeremy Pitcher, Steve Abt, and Simmons’ son, rookie Tyler Thompson.