Newsmaker of the Week // Matt Hirschman

Matt Hirschman’s penchant for winning big races in often difficult situations was evidenced this past Saturday at Wall (NJ) Stadium when the Northampton. PA., ace won back to back Tour Modified and Wall SK Modified races.

Hirschman’s twin victories came by mastering two completely different sets of evolving race circumstances.

In the first race, he was a runaway leader who chose just the right time to make a pit-stop for fresh tires.

In the second race, Hirschman anticipated mid-pack danger, pitted for tires earlier than might normally been expected, then laid back and watched a big crash take out the cars he had been running with.

Hirschman has shown often that he has a ‘sixth sense’ in long distance races. Never was this more apparent than last Saturday at Wall Stadium.

These were exploits that left his rivals shaking their heads as ‘Money Matt’ cashed the checks and made Big News.