Newsmaker of the Week // Christopher Bell

Christopher Bell’s open wheel racing background in Sprints and Midgets, has made him a favorite among dirt track fans now that he has chosen to pursue NASCAR’s upper echelons. So when Bell won this past Saturday’s Camping World Truck Series race at Atlanta Speedway, it was a big deal.

Bell is most certainly, ‘on his way’. This was his third career Truck Series win and it has been a difficult apprenticeship, marked by a couple of heartstopping crashes.

What endears Bell to his fans is that he still comes back to race on dirt whenever his schedule allows. Dirt track racing is in Bell’s blood. It’s where his roots are.

In a sense, when Bell wins big, it’s a win for dirt track racing fans from coast to coast – an event that transcends its actual significance and becomes much bigger – a Newsmaking happening!