Newsmaker of the Week // ‘Ole Blue’

‘Ole Blue’ rides high again!

It’s the nickname of long standing for the cars of the Boehler family, a term of endearment and respect bestowed by three generations of New England area race folk upon the blue number 3 race cars the clan has built and maintained, lived and died by.

‘Ole Blue’ had fallen on tough times in recent years. Wins, once plentiful, were becoming less and less frequent occurrences.

This Sunday, at Thompson Speedway’s famed Icebreaker, driver Rowan Pennink steered ‘Ole Blue’ to victory.

There were cheers for the winning driver, of course. But on this day, the most heartfelt response was for ‘Ole Blue’ – this incarnation and the 60 years of past ‘Ole Blues’ that spawned her.

It was nostalgia resurrected, an occasion of Newsmaking proportions.