Newsmaker of the Week // Kyle Larson

Of this there can be no doubt: Kyle Larson’s 2017 PA Speedweek appearances will be talked about for years to come.

On the heels of a NASCAR Monster Cup win at Michigan, Larson headed east to run in as many of the PA Speedweek races as his NASCAR schedule would allow. He won three of them, at Path Valley, Lincoln, and Grandview, three radically different kinds of tracks.

It was as if he were racing in a different dimension at times. How else to explain his ninth-to-first drive in seven laps at Lincoln? Or his Path Valley charge? Or his car control at Grandview?

And then, when he suited up for the next NASCAR race in Kentucky, he started last, went to the rear again on a penalty, and ended up second.

This was something special, a standard against which all future PA Speedweeks will be measured. To have seen it was to be awestruck, perhaps a once in a lifetime phenomenon.

Kyle Larson made news this past week not just in Pennsylvania but worldwide.