Newsmaker of the Week / /Jeff Rine

When a hometown boy makes good, it’s the closest thing to the universal warm and fuzzy theme.

In racing, the most frequent set up for this delightful turn of events comes when a Touring Series and their professional drivers and teams march into a weekly speedway and take on the track regulars.

So it was this past Sunday at Selinsgrove Speedway where the World Of Outlaws Late Model pros took on the Super Late Model Saturday night racers.

On this night, Jeff Rine, who wins so often that he gets booed, was basking in the post-race spotlight after vanquishing the WoO boys.

In the process, he turned the Saturday night boobirds into a cheering, frenzied mob.

Jeff Rine has won lots of races in his career but this one, his first WoO Late Model win, will be one to savor, as it will be for Selinsgrove’s fans, who were part of the Newsmaking experience.