Newsmaker of the Week // McKennedy & Watt

Two major events, one on dirt one on pavement, one in the Northeast, one in the South, vied last Saturday for the headlines.

In Georgetown, Delaware, where Dirt Modified racing got started this year, Ryan Watt out dueled Matt Sheppard to win it all.

Further down the eastern seaboard, in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, Jon McKennedy drove Tommy Baldwin’s Asphalt Modified to a hard earned win with Jimmy Blewett hounding him.

Nice crowds watched good fields of competitive cars contend for victory.

While both race winners drove excellent races, it is the timing of these events that gives these winning drives far greater meaning.

Watt and McKennedy got the Modified seasons off and running – making news for their wins as well as what they portend for the months of racing that lie ahead.