Newsmaker of the Week // Brent Marks

When Brent Marks decided two years ago that he was going to leave Central Pennsylvania and pursue his dream of racing full time on the World Of Outlaws circuit, his peers wished him well while at the same time wondering how long he’d last.

Racing all over the country is a difficult way of making a living, the kind of endeavor no one can fully prepare for.

Yet true to his word, Marks persevered and ran the full WoO 2017 schedule.

Then he decided to try it again. Armed with a year’s worth of knowledge and experience, now familiar with tracks he had never even seen before, Marks’ results began to improve.

This past weekend, at Wilmot Raceway, a three-eighths mile clay oval 700 miles away from Central Pennsylvania in Wisconsin, Brent Marks beat the best in the business for the first time. It’s a huge victory for Marks and in very real a sense, it’s a win for every dreamer in the sport.

Brent Marks is thus Area Auto Racing News’ Newsmaker Of The Week!