Newsmaker of the Week // Brad Sweet

The 58th Knoxville Nationals was a ‘Sweet Victory’ in more ways than one for California native Brad Sweet. He unleashed a dominating drive in the Saturday night 50-lap climactic race, running a perfect 50 laps and shutting down ten-time Nationals winner Donny Schatz down the stretch. This was nothing less than mortal combat to the checkered flag and for once, Schatz blinked.

Sweet got away with one minor bobble. Reeling himself back in proved to be the difference. He dared Schatz to pass him on the outside in a two-lap fight-to-the-finish, all the while Kyle Larson lurked just behind the two front runners.

Sweet had plenty of opportunities to succumb to the pressure of the Knoxville Nationals. He did not, and achieved fame and fortune by winning the Knoxville Nationals, and by beating Schatz to do it.

In his finest hour, Brad Sweet made the ultimate Sprint Car News: he won the Knoxville Nationals!