Newsmaker of the Week // Frankie Schneider

Frankie Schneider, ‘The Old Master’, famed for his great racing skills on the track and for building and perfecting race cars with his own two hands, died this past weekend. He was 92. Frank’s abilities in the sport may be lost on many AARN readers. He won only one feature after May, 1975 and struggled for many years in a delayed retirement.

But what a racer he was! Back in an age when many raced five times a week, Schneider raced eight times (twice on Sunday). He raced twelve months a year, from New England to Florida, for over a decade. He was also the life of the party in the off-season.

The last few years had not been kind to him as he suffered numerous ailments. But he fought back through them, even as father time began to overtake him. In an age when the relationship between man and machine was far more personal, Frankie Schneider was the man to beat. He is remembered as the very best of an age that is recalled fondly by those who lived it.

For the final time, Frankie Schneider, ‘The Old Master’, is Area Auto Racing News’ Newsmaker Of The Week.