Photo by: Eileen Shrey

Newsmaker of the Week // Mason Zeigler

Bedford Speedway’s Billy Winn Classic offered up the princely sum of $8,300 to the winner of a 50-lap Super Late Model feature last Friday. The non-sanctioned race drew an impressive field and when the checkered flag flew, Mason Zeigler and his team were cashing the big check. This was a huge night for Bedford. The race’s winners purse was in recognition of the track’s first race, won, 83 years earlier by Billy Winn.

And it was an even bigger night for Zeigler, a Keystone Stater, who stepped away from Touring Series action to run ‘Winn’ at Bedford and ended up garnering one of the biggest victories of his driving career.

There’s nothing quite like having a driver pick up the top prize in a marquee race in their homestate. When it happens, it’s more than just a win – it’s a Newsmaker!