Newsmaker of the Week // Tyler Thompson

A seventeen year old kid won the Oswego Classic last Sunday afternoon. The richest, most difficult Supermodified race in the country to win. Tyler Thompson defied conventional wisdom in this race. He built huge leads when most were conserving their fuel usage and their tires. He made daring moves in and out of lapped traffic when veteran drivers behind him exercised restraint.

He had a brush with the inside wall that bent a shock. He slowed when his car’s fuel transfer system was slow to engage. And he had a bunch of experienced drivers camped out on his rear bumper with 20 laps to go, ready to ruffle the kid on the race’s final restart.

Instead, Tyler Thompson took charge, willing his fuel to hold out rather than slacken his pace. This was a shocking win on many fronts: the winner’s age, his inexperience, his determination to race hard rather than hold back.

For driving the race of his career, Tyler Thompson is Area Auto Racing News’ Newsmaker Of The Week.