Newsmaker of the Week // Stewart Friesen

Stewart Friesen’s win at Fonda Speedway was anything but a routine drive in a race that was anything but routine itself.

For one thing, Friesen had plenty of competition, not unexpected with $53,000 on the line for winning. For another, the variable of weather, which interrupted the race for two hours, took away any momentum or perceived strategic advantage.

Then there was the ever changing track itself, which favored the driving styles and car set ups of some, then others. Finally, after 199 and a half laps were in the record books, Friesen had to repel an improbable last turn challenge for his hard fought victory from Matt Sheppard.

Friesen loves Fonda and the track has been good to him. This night, he worked as hard as he ever has in his career and in the end, came out the winner. For that, in a race of such magnitude, Stewart Friesen is AARN’s Newsmaker Of The Week.