Newsmaker of the Week // Brent Marks

Brent Marks literally traveled thousands of miles to win the biggest race of his 410 Sprint Car career at the track closest to his Myerstown, PA home.

A regular on the World Of Outlaws circuit for the past three years, Marks has faced down adversity repeatedly. He was winless in his first WoO season, took three wins last year, and was winless heading into last Saturday’s Williams Grove National Open. He had criss-crossed the nation and had three wins to show for it, and none in this year to date.

His so-so season turned completely around in 50 laps when Marks won the prestigious race, and the $65,000 top prize that went with it. It was a well received win in Central Pennsylvania and a huge confidence booster for Marks and his team, not to mention a financial windfall.

A season-maker it was for Brent Marks – and a Newsmaker for AARN’s readership!