Newsmaker of the Week // Ryan Flores

When a driver with a car that is a proven winner flips it down the homestretch, very seldom does anything good come from the experience. In Ryan Flores’ case, what started off as a bad weekend came full circle in Allentown, PA after Flores and his crew fixed his battered TQ Midget for the next day’s racing action.

Flores then responded by waiting for the right moment to seize the lead, then somehow protected it when rival Andy Jankowiak tried to execute a payback by clipping and nearly spinning Flores. Even then, it wasn’t over because in getting turned sideways, Flores’ left rear tire went soft. Somehow, Flores was still able to guide his car to the ultimate victory.

It has often been said that it takes a good car, a good driver and good luck to win. The telling of the classic tale of Ryan Flores’ race weekend is a blend of equipment, skill and good fortune – all of which makes for a Newsmaking performance!