Newsmaker of the Week // Daytona 500

By any measure, the 2020 Daytona 500 was unforgettable. 

 For just the second time in history, a sitting President, Donald Trump, came to the speedway, addressed the crowd and even rode around the track, flanked by security guards.

 The race wound up raining out after just 20 laps, postponed until Monday afternoon. There was plenty of action all race long until a horrifying turn of events dulled the win of Denny Hamlin and left fans concerned for the well-being of Ryan Newman, who had led until crashing, then getting slammed in mid-air at full speed. NASCAR executive Steve O’Donnell later declared that Newman, miraculously, had survived with non-life threatening injuries.

 It was a race of emotional extremes for one and all, and at many levels. a Newsmaker.