Jim Steffens Photo

Newsmaker of the Week // Brock Zearfoss

Brock Zearfoss was a late entry in the Park Jefferson, South Dakota 410 Sprint race last Saturday, late because, he said, he didn’t feel a 1900 mile trip each way for one race was worth it. Instead, he gave in to the racer’s desire to race and once the Park Jeff race was known to be a defnite ‘go’, he went.

Zearfoss came back to Pennsylvania with $6,000 in winnings and a distinction: the first driver in history to win a Sprint Car race in a pandemic. Part of the story was the fact the race ran at all; others are likely to follow including two Super Late Model races in the Carolinas this week. Zearfoss now sits and waits for the rest of his season to get going, as does the rest of the nation.

The speedway, the drivers, the officials all took a chance in going to South Dakota. For Brock Zearfoss, at least, it was a quest well worth the effort.