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Newsmaker of the Week / / Tale of Two Cities

Two race tracks in the State of Pennsylvania, Selinsgrove Speedway and Roaring Knob Motorsports Park attempted to hold their opening night races over the weekend.

Selinsgrove, in a recently designated ‘yellow’ Snyder County, laid out a meticulous action plan which was duly presented to local, county and state officials. The plan stipulated detailed social distancing procedures and had no front gate provisions. The plan was approved, then denied. The track was idle.

Roaring Knob, in Fayette County, a ‘red’ zone, ran a Saturday practice, a Sunday race, an open grandstand and suggested, not required spectator conduct rules. Roaring Knob raced.

Both tracks are coming back this weekend, Selinsgrove to get its season started, Roaring Knob to keep its year moving. This past week, the startling contrast in the two served to highlight the capriciousness of the nation’s response to the Coronavirus pandemic