Newsmaker of the Week // Timmy Buckwalter

Timmy Buckwalter has been racing a good many years, and in all different types of race cars.

But it’s safe to say the win Saturday night in the Bruce Rogers Memorial Money Maker Modified 50 was the most rewarding of his career.
In terms of dollars and cents it certainly was – $7,500 for 50 laps of work.

Buckwalter is a come-lately to Stock Car racing, having excelled in open cockpit cars for years before he even set foot in a car with a roof.

In an open cockpit car, Buckwalter was more or less expected to win. Now with a big win at Grandview in a Stock Car, Buckwalter has proven, with emphasis, his versatility.

For rising to the occasion when big money was on the line, Tim Buckwalter is Area Auto Racing News’ Newsmaker Of The Week For Tuesday, June 23, 2020.