Newsmaker of the Week // Lance Dewease

Lance Dewease is the undisputed leader of the PA Posse. In a year when Outlaws and All Stars, even out-and-out invaders have swept into the region and taken lots of big money races, Dewease is the go-to-guy when the Posse needs a big win.

Twice last weekend at Port Royal, Dewease was spectacular. On Friday, he outran Kyle Larson with a pass that reverberated across the Keystone State. Then, with uber-money on the line – $53,000 for the Tuscarora 50 – Dewease was unbeatable.

Dewease, car owner Don Kreitz, Jr. and crew chief Davey Brown are, simply put, close to impossible to dethrone in the biggest, richest races.

They did it again last weekend, twice at Port Royal, Newsmakers yet again!