Newsmaker of the Week // The Year 2020

It’s all over, this most unusual season of auto racing.

Twenty-twenty may be remembered by many with disdain but to forget the hundreds of races that actually were run – and won – would be a mistake.

Kyle Larson and Stewart Friesen, Matt Sheppard and Brandon Sheppard are four who excelled. Danny Bouc and Alex Yankowski, Logan Schuchart and Jacob Allen are four who emerged. Bridgeport Motorsports Park shone brightly. Port Royal, Grandview, Williams Grove, Georgetown all thrived.

Brave, fortunate, skillful, wily promoters found ways to survive. Publishers still published. Tires, wheels, engines, and drivelines all performed and were consumed. Sure there were inequities. Some tracks were able to run while others less than half an hour distant couldn’t, or wouldn’t.

Yes, the 2020 season was a Newsmaker, in ways unanticipated and unwelcome. But 2021 awaits, and with it, renewed anticipation and hope.