Newsmaker of the Week // Grandview Speedway Photo Finish

The dead heat, the photo finish, the too-close-to-call result at the checkered flag happens once every decade if that often. Yet on June 26, 2021 at Grandview Speedway, that’s exactly what occurred when Brett Kressley and Craig VonDohren crossed the finish line so close that no one was sure about the outcome. Track officials first determined that Kressley had won, relying on transponder readings that were proven to have been inconclusive. Visual observers differed in their opinions.

So Grandview Speedway officials, belatedly, did what they had to do – declared the race a tie.

Years from now, when Grandview race fans do their off-season bench racing, they’ll be talking about this one – the Grandview photo finish – an event made News!