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Newsmaker of the Week // Carson Macedo

The Williams Grove National Open is among the crown jewels in 410 Sprint racing. It’s one race that can make a 410 racer’s career complete if they win it, or stands out among the missing if they don’t. On Saturday, Carson Macedo ‘completed his career’, figuratively of course, by taking down the win in front of the partisan PA Posse fans who looked on with respect, if not necessarily delight. Macedo has come into his own this year, winning lots of races, but none of the magnitude of the ‘Grove Open’.

Getting the job done, and with authority, while running against the best Sprint Car drivers in the world is reward in and of itself, not to mention the $75,000 in winnings.
It’s a Newsmaking race and its winner, Carson Macedo, is this week’s Area Auto Racing News Newsmaker Of The Week!